TL’s WickedLicious

TL’s WickedLicious is a new bakery based in Gardner Mane. Before the recent boutique shop opening, Terry Lynn used Pixel Lily to create a unique and vibrant web based e-commerce shop so she could begin began selling her confections on the web.

Terry Lynn approached Pixel Lily to create a eCommerce website for her bakery. The functionality requirements for this project were:

  • An easy to use online store where customers can purchase products to be delivered via USPS.
  • The ability to have “regular content” pages on the site that contains information about the company.
  • The ability to have multiple variants for each product (such as flavors for the fudge creams). Each of these variants should have its own thumbnail picture.
  • The ability to have some products sold by Product Weight and others by Quantity.
  • The shopping and checkout experience for the customer should be as simple as possible.
  • Customers should be able to choose between paying via PayPal or the built-in merchant account.
  • The ability to use coupons and other discounts in the future.
  • A “Contact Us” page with a “form to email”, phone number, and email address.

Pixel Lily investigated eCommerce options and recommended CoreCommerce for this project. Pixel Lily then designed, developed, and implemented the TLs WickedLicious eCommerce site into CoreCommerce.

Project Completed: January 2011
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Client Testimonial

“Pixel Lily is everything a person looking to build a website needs to be successful, thanks to the many talents of Ashley! She created my wicked good website, with sterling skills, precise organization, and prompt follow thru infused with much humor and knowledge. Ashley is most dedicated to each of her customers and she is so insightful which is reflected in my perfect website. Professional associates comment on the website she created for me and express how much they like the design and customers appreciate the ease of ordering online as they peruse my confection categories. As a lady who spends her days in the kitchen baking and creating confections, I am totally appreciative of Ashley’s talents and her ability is genius to make web language more understandable to a non- techie. I could not have done it to this extent of quality without Ashley. As a result, she will be maintaining my website and I know firsthand that I may count on her at anytime. THANK YOU Pixel Lily!!!!”

Terry Lynn Pulley

Services Used:

  • Design
  • Development
  • eCommerce implementation (CoreCommerce)
  • facebook Integration
  • Google Analytics Deployment

Images of the final product:

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