About Me

I was born on a cold November day in…. yeah, ok… maybe you don’t need that much detail? How about the short version:

My name is Ashley Doughty. I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, Christian and passionate GEEK.

I have always been a creative person and have enjoyed crafting and creating with many different mediums through the years. The web has become one of my creative outlets and I LOVE it for so many reasons:

  • I love the possibilities of what can be done, the breadth of technologies currently available as well as those on the horizon.
  • I love analyzing a client’s unique set of challenges and creating a solution that not only meets their needs, but also surpasses their expectations.
  • I love talking about the impacts that the web has had to our culture (both good and bad)
  • I love watching as other people begin to see the potential of what the web can do for them.

My education and skills

Although I entered college planning to become an elementary school teacher, I left college with a B.S. in Computer Science (yes, there is a long story there – but you don’t really want to be here all day, right?)

While in school, I had the good fortune of working with the university’s webmaster. It is from her that I learned to love the web and began to see the potential for a career doing what I LOVE.

Although I began this career journey as primarily a web developer, my creative curiosity got me to start “playing” in Photoshop. Soon after, I began designing websites as well as developing them.

Fast forward a bit and I now have over 7 years of experience working in the Web Development industry. In addition to website design, my skills range from writing standards-based, accessible, and validating xHTML and CSS code to developing dynamic websites with PHP, .NET, ASP Classic, or JavaScript. I also implement the most popular Web Analytics solutions in the industry and have dabbled quite a bit in both Search Engine Optimization and print design.

I also recently had the privilege of being a technical reviewer of one of the best web design books I have ever read. Head First: Web Design confirms and clarifies a lot of theory and best practices that seem to be just assumed in this industry.

Want to get to know me more? Feel free to read through my blog posts. The goal of the blog is to not only provide you with answers to some common questions, but to also let you get to know me a bit better.

About Pixel Lily

By day, I am the Senior Web Developer for one of the premier technology consulting and service firms in the Northeast. My duties and responsibilities at this firm are complex and broad. I began freelancing part-time to keep all my skills sharp and stay at the cutting edge of as many industry practices as possible.

Another large benefit is that freelancing has allowed me to interact with some amazing people and organizations over the years. Since my freelance client base is drastically different then the company I work for, these interactions would have never been possible otherwise.

Want to see my work? Head on over to my portfolio and have a look around.

If you have a project in mind, fill out the contact form and tell me about it. I will respond to all inquires as soon as possible.